Camino de Santiago cost – Let’s talk money!

One of the questions that I researched before leaving and where I couldn’t find a great answer is: how much money do you need on the Camino Portugues? How much does the Camino de Santiago cost?

When traveling I am always using a budget app called trail wallet. It’s only available for iOs but I am sure there is something similar for android. The great thing of a budgeting app is that it shows you directly what you’re spending your money on  … and if you’re going over budget!  It also displays easily understandable stats and I always like to go back and see what I did and how much I generally paid for a trip.  So today I am going to share what I exactly spent on the Camino Portugues.

Just know that part of my Camino experience was to travel on a budget. I did not live on bread alone but did not opt-in for too much of the little extra – except of one hotel stay that was just a tad more expensive than the hostel. Staying in pilgrim albergues and experiencing the community was actually part of the plan and the best about the entire adventure, no way I was gonna miss that! You can read more about my day to day Camino live in my complete and detailed Camino Portuguese itinerary. Click here to know more.


Some general info about my Camino experience:

Duration: 15 days, 13th to 27th of June

Flight: Paris – Porto:  (79€ return ticket)Total costs: 695€ (I could save a lot on luggage. My bag was only 6kg and went as hand luggage. See what exactly I had in my bag for 15 days on the Camino!)

average per day: 46.33€ (includes also the flights and bus fares, and some personal expenses)


Camino Portuges Cost
How much does the Camino de Santiago cost?




I spend 159.50€ in total on transportation. Well, the Camino is about walking so you shouldn’t expect too high costs except for your journey to Porto. However, I spend money on the following:

flight and bus fares from Paris to Porto and back – 88.80€

bus fares in Portugal (Ponte de Lima to Valença) – 4.70€ 

Rental car and fuel for a trip from Santiago to Fisterra (we’ve been 4, this is my share) – 35€

Bus from Santiago back to the Airport in Porto – 31€  (I booked my bus ticket online here)


except from the flight, the camino de santiago cost for transportation will be low
me walking the Camino and probably checking my Camino app for directions 😀 it’s not a Camino de Santiago cost calculator but it helps at least to stay within budget.



Accommodation costs for the Camino Portuguès

Part of my Camino experience was to stay in private and public hostels and albergues. I really enjoyed the community and the vibe and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It wasn’t a comfortable way but I didn’t walk the Camino to be comfortable in the first place anyway. So if you wonder how much the Camino de Santiago accommodation costs, my choice is not the cheapest but still on the lower end. If you only sleep in public pilgrim hostels, you shouldn’t be paying more than 6€ a night on the Camino Portugues.

Portugal Spain
Porto, private hostel – 21€ Tui, private hostel – 15€ (+12€) (you can read the story here)
Labruge, public hostel – 5€ O Porriño, private hostel- 10€
Rates, public hostel – 5€ Redondela, private hostel – 10€
Barcelos, hotel- 21€ Pontevedra, public hostel- 6€
Casa Fernanda, private albergue – 20€ Caldas de Reis, public hostel – 6€
Padron, public hostel – 6€
Cruces, private hostel – 13€
Santiago de Compostela, airbnb –15€



Food and drinks – no vino, no Camino!

This probably where you can spend the most money on – or the fewest. I did eat in restaurants and I had some drinks as well, but generally, I spent few. I often prepared a salad or pasta for dinner and packed the leftovers for lunch, or I would get some snacks and fruits in a supermarket. However, I certainly did not eat bad or tried actively to save on food.

While walking, I didn’t feel like taking an overly long lunch break, I rather just wanted to arrive. As for dinner, I often had not enough energy to sit down in a restaurant. So it naturally became a low budget food trip, but I didn’t consciously skip anything for financial reasons – or the raw Camino pilgrim experience.

However, you easily find food on the way. There are many bars and restaurants along the route that are offering pilgrim menus. Those are normally including a soup, a main, a dessert and a drink for around 10€. There aren’t too many supermarkets on the way, but I never run into issues to find a market once I arrived at the hostel.

In total I paid 216.60€ for 15 days on the Camino, that’s 15.50€ on food per day.


costs for food and drinks on the camino portugues - even when traveling low budget, drinks and some good food is possible
I didn’t spend much on food and drinks, but still ate quite good 🙂



Costs for Camino knick-knack and extras

The biggest chunk of this category I paid for Camino related stuff. In total, I spend 45€ on a guide book, the pilgrim pass, an app to help with directions and the credential that I chose to get at the end of the Camino. Another 40€ went for band-aid/blister tape and a massage. I also got a scallop tattoo in Santiago that I paid 50€ for.


A camino portugues cost that you easily can cut off.. I really like my permanent memory though:)


That’s it. 15 days for 695€ all-inclusive. I think that’s pretty great 🙂 However, I hope my “financial Camino report” helps you to estimate the costs for your own Camino journey and that you’ll enjoy it as much I did!

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